Hair Removal Package

Purchase 2 treatments, get 1 FREE!



Upper Lip - $35

Chin - $50

Full Face - $100

Upper Arm (Elbow to Shoulder) - $100 each arm

Lower Arm (Elbow to Hand) - $100 each arm

Entire Arm - $200 each arm

Underarm - $100

Back - $400

Chest  -  $400

Breast - $25 each breast

Abdomen - $200

Around Umbilicus - $75

Upper Legs (knee to hip, both legs) - $375

Lower Legs (knee to ankle, both legs) - $375

Bikini (groin area only) - $150

Brazilian (entire area) - $250

  • FREE Consultations

  • Special event pricing

  • Live demonstrations

  • Light lunch provided

  • The first 10 people to sign up will be in a drawing for $500 to go toward a CoolSculpting Treatment


* CoolSculpting is part of the Brilliant Distinctions Rewards Program

It's equivalent to doing 20,000 thousand sit-ups in one session!

New studies show 6 treatments are showing the best outcomes. We want our patients to have the best results.

Before / After photos of our patient

just 2 weeks and then 4 weeks

after her 4th treatment

CoolTone uses non-invasive, high frequency 

electromagnetic energy to stimulate ultra rapid muscle contractions to increase muscle mass, tone, strength, and definition in the abdomen, thighs, buttocks and arms. 


$75 big toes

$50 small toes

$50 medicated polish


What is toenail fungus?

Toenail fungus is a fungal infection which lives beneath the surface your finger or toenail.  It is estimated that 10% of the adult population suffers from this fungal infection. Because it lives under the nail, treatment is very difficult to accomplish until the FDA approved laser treatment was developed.  


How did I get toenail fungus? 

This fungal infection is most commonly caught from walking in moist wet areas.  Fungus is everywhere, gym locker rooms, hotel rooms and even nail salons.  Toenail fungus is also contagious and has been shown to spread from family members. 


What does it look like?

Fungal infections cause nails to become discolored and thicken.  They can cause the nail to pull away from the nail bed allowing dirt, germs and fungus to continue to spread. Visible fungal nail infection include scaling under the nail, white or yellow streaks on the nail, crumbling corner or tip of the nail, and yellow spots at the bottom of the nail. 


Why are fungal infections less common in fingernails? 

Fungal infections thrive in dark, moist areas. Fingernails are constantly exposed to sunlight and dry making them less likely to harbor fungal infection.


How can I treat it? 

The most common treatment for fungal infections are oral medications, topical medications in the form of a nail polish, and FDA approved laser treatments. The medical toenail polish alone has a 30% cure rate.  Oral medication (i.e. Lamisil) cures 60% of toenail fungus.  However, oral medications can be difficult for the liver to tolerate, even in healthy adults.  The combination of medical toenail polish with laser treatments has been shown to cure 80% of toenail fungal infections. 


How soon will I see improvements?

On average, any toenail will replace itself every 6 to 9 months through natural growth.  Healthy new growth will be visible within the first 3 months as the new nail replaces the old.  

The initial consultation includes:


History and physical exam 

  • Blood work

  • EKG

  • Weight, body mass index, percentage of body fat

  • Nutritional counseling

  • Vitamin supplements

  • Prescription medication (varies with each patient)

  • Injections

  • Starter Kit (a month of vitamins & minerals)


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