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Port Wine Stains


Port Wine StainsIt’s estimated that 3 out of every 1,000 children are born with a port-wine stain — a birthmark that literally looks like wine was spilled on the skin. The stains often start out looking pink at birth and tend to become darker (usually reddish-purple or dark red) as the child grows.


Port-wine stains (also known as nevus flammeus) can be anywhere on the body but most commonly are found on the face, neck, scalp, arms, or legs. They can be any size, and usually grow in proportion with the child. They can change in texture over time, too — early on, they're smooth and flat but they may thicken and feel like pebbles under the skin during adulthood.


Although port-wine stains won't go away on their own, they can be treated. Laser therapy can make many port-wine stains much less noticeable.

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